If you like a quote for an e-commerce site then please contact us directly.

Digital Agencies

Below are some pricing indications for digital agencies who are keen to tap into the Sunny Side Up know-how for Silverstripe e-commerce sites.

Help is free

Basic advice during your build of an e-commerce website can be provided free of charge. Please please contact us for more information.


Our e-commerce module has seven core features.

  1. configuration interface
  2. products
  3. product categories / listings
  4. product search
  5. account page (login / logout / update details)
  6. checkout
  7. post-sale order processing

For a basic install and configuration (install, tweak database, and review yml settings) we charge NZD700


For a tested, customised install, we charge around NZD5000.

Need more features?

We also have a ton of extensions available (e.g. tax, delivery, dashboard, follow up, feedback, rating, payment gateways, internationalisation, apis, etc ... etc...). Where available, we charge around NZD150 for an as is installation. For new or customised modules, you can expect to pay around NZD700 (back-end, HTML and basic JS only) per extension.