Other Silverstripe E-Commerce Applications

Below are three other Silverstripe E-commerce Solutions (information updated 1 Oct 2012)

  Shop Swipestripe Silvercart
Lead developer Jeremy Frank Roland
Cost Free USD250ish + module cost Free
Demo demo.ss-shop.org/ demo.swipestripe.com/ ss3.swipestripe.com/ demo.trysilvercart.com
  • Product catalog that can be stored in a categorized tree hierarchy, or flat via model admin
  • Account page for members to view past orders, and pay for incomplete orders
  • Simplistic code base, intended to scale
  • Integrates with payment module
  • Product variations/options
  • Address book
  • Single page checkout
  • 35 unit tests running on TravisCI
  • Self contained installer
  • Discount coupon codes
  • Zoned shipping system
  • Product enquiry form
  • Product searching
  • Google analytics recording
  • Bootstrap theme

Aiming for a small and simple core codebase which is flexible enough to be extended easily in order to add features like product galleries, shipping, tax, coupon codes etc. Currently have a small selection of extensions (http://swipestripe.com/products/extensions/) that can be purchased seperately and provide common features for shopping carts such as:

  • Product gallery with fancy box
  • Xero integrations
  • Virtual (downloadable) products
  • Region based shipping
  • Weight and region based shipping
  • Region based tax rates
  • Featured products
  • Courier codes for orders
  • Master and slave products (product variations can be grouped while the variations can be independently maintained)
  • A products stock status can be displayed as quantity or with a traffic light as a symbol.
  • Products can be provided with multiple images or a gallery.
  • Unlimited quantity of products and product groups.
  • Products can be mirrored in several product groups.
  • Each product can have multiple files assigned (PDF,DOC,XLS, etc.)
  • Drag and drop reordering
  • manufacturer logo and link maintainable
  • various possibilities to filter products
  • Class diagram and API documentation
  • Integrated update mechanism
  • Import and export via CSV
  • User account area with order history
  • B2B or B2C
  • SubShops - allowing members to create their own semi-branded store, and set profits
  • SilverStripe 3 upgrade
  • US/International tax support
  • Multi-currency
  • Stock control
  • Using new SilverStripe 3.0 compatible payment module
  • Multiple currency
  • Documentation
  • More comprehensive reporting
  • Further 3rd party integrations
  • Amazon module
  • Groupon module
  • Saferpay payment module
  • Sofort banking module
  • Online: docs, api
  • app.com/dev/shop - tools and tasks for development
  • Moderate forum support (shared with ecommerce module)
  • Ecommerce mailing list (shared with ecommerce module)
SilverCart uses the YAML CSS framework and customhtmlform module which takes care of SilverStripes HTML limitations for forms. support forum