class ProductSearchForm_Short extends ProductSearchForm {




  • $additionalFieldsArray
    list of additional fields to add to search
  • $additionalGetParametersString
    get parameters added to the link you dont need to start them with & or ? e.g.
  • $baseClassNameForBuyables — string
    class name of the buyables to search at this stage, you can only search one type of buyable at any one time e.g. only products or only mydataobject
  • $controllerSearchResultDisplayMethodString
    The method on the parent controller that can display the results of the search results
  • $debugBoolean
    set to TRUE to show the search logic
  • $extraBuyableFieldsToSearchFullTextArray
    List of additional fields that should be searched full text.
  • $isShortFormBoolean
    Is the extended or the short form?
  • $maximumNumberOfResultsInt
    Maximum number of results to return we limit this because otherwise the system will choke the assumption is that no user is really interested in looking at tons of results.
  • $productGroupIDsArray
    product groups found
  • $productsToSearchNULL
    list of products that need to be searched
  • $resultArrayArray
    array of IDs of the results found so far
  • $resultArrayPosInt
    Number of results found so far
  • $useBooleanSearchBoolean
    this is mysql specific, see: https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/fulltext-boolean.html


Inherited from ProductSearchForm


  • getSearchArrays() — creates three levels of searches that can be executed one after the other, each being less specific than the last...