which returns an array of IDs SEQUENCE - USE FOR ALL MODIFIERS!!! *** 1. model defining static variables (e.g. $db, $has_one) *** 2. cms variables + functions (e.g. getCMSFields, $searchableFields) *** 3. other (non) static variables (e.g. private static $special_name_for_something, protected $order) *** 4. CRUD functions (e.g. canEdit) *** 5. init and update functions *** 6. form functions (e. g. Showform and getform) *** 7. template functions (e.g. ShowInTable, TableTitle, etc...) ... USES DB VALUES *** 8. inner calculations.... USES CALCULATED VALUES *** 9. calculate database fields: protected function Live[field name] ... USES CALCULATED VALUES *** 10. standard database related functions (e.g. onBeforeWrite, onAfterWrite, etc...) *** 11. AJAX related functions *** 12. debug functions


*** What is the difference between cart and table
The Cart is a smaller version of the Table. Table is used for Checkout Page + Confirmation page.
Cart is used for other pages (pre-checkout for example). At times, the values and names may differ